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June 2017 ND Basilica Talk

a. Relavent Revelation Text.

b. Sorin Basilica Power Point Slides

2009 Notre Dame MA graduate in Theology
spiritual writer "Theology Papers".

Retired LtCol USAFR C-130 Pilot

Retired Gulf Oil (now Chevron) Chemical engineer - Fluid Catalytic Cracking expert.

Retired HS chemistry teacher Perry Traditional Academy


Hugh O'Donnell Bio Sketch

My Family

2014 Photo of Childen

 Michael(age 32), Peter(38), Christina(30), Shaun(34), Gregory(27) in 2014

2014 Photo of Family at Greg and Jenny's Oct 25, 2014 Wedding in Notre Dame Basilica

Miscellaneous Family Photos

2009 Older Family Photo

2003 Family Photo

1998 Family Photo

1994 Family Photo


My Notre Dame, IN, Retirement Location

Holy Cross Village Retirement Apartment

My Children's Web Pages

1. Peter Hugh O'Donnell, born 1975, Notre Dame Class 1998, MD 2002,  residency  2003-2005,  Oncology fellowship 2006-2009, MD oncologist (2009-) - all at University of Chicago Hospitals.  Married Rebecca Palmer June 5, 2004, ND Class of 2000, MD 2004, Pediatric Psychiatrist Northwestern 2010.  Rebecca is Pediactric Psychiatrist at  Lurie Children's Hospital , Chicago Nov, 2010-

2. Shaun Maurice O'Donnell, born 1979, Notre Dame Class 2001,  American Ailines Pilot , married Amanda Lowerre Sept 17, 2010, 2005 Wisconsin Law School, Amanda is Patent Attorney, FitchEvenTabin&Flannery Chicago 2006-

3. Michael Joseph O'Donnell, born 1982, Notre Dame Class 2005 , University of Pittsburgh Doctorate in Physical Therapy 2008.  Married Julia Bell October 13, 2007, Miami University 2005

4. Christina O'Donnell McFarlanx, born 1984, Notre Dame Class of 2007, Harvard MA in Education 2010.  Married Sean McFarlanx August 9, 2008, Notre Dame Class of 2007, Harvard Law School 2010

5. Gregory Stephen O'Donnell, born 1986, Notre Dame Class of 2008, M Ed (ACE 15) Notre Dame 2010, ChACE, English teacher for Spanish speaking students, Santiago Chile, ACE Leadership Program 2013-, married Jenny Rolfs, Oct 25, 2014, Asst Principal St Adelbert's, South Bend, IN, 2013-   2010-2012


My Extended Family History

Brothers and Sisters in a 2002 Photo

Extended Family  Photos

My 1997 Air Force/Pilot Career Photo Picture Page

 Genealogy Pages

            1. My Mother's Kress Ancestors - In Loving Memory

            2. My Basic Ancestral Family Tree

              3. My Dad's ODonnell Ancestors - In Loving Memory

            4. My ODonnell Family Tree Going Back to 1505 Ireland

            5.  "Peter Story" on My Ireland O'Donnell Ancestors

            6. ODonnell History Web Site

            7. Fionan O'Healai 2012 Greater Achill Spreadsheet

            8. My Ancestral Tree -  1st Red Hugh O'Donnell 1505 Co Donegal to Me


A Nice Poem

To love
is not to give of your riches
but to reveal to others
their riches, their gifts, their value,
and to trust their capacity to grow.

So it is important to approach people
in their brokenness or littleness
gently..... so gently
not forcing yourself on them
but accepting them as they are,
with humility and respect

by Jean Vanier